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Solution for all your building & maintenance needs

Property maintenance services

We are one of the fastest property maintenance companies in South India. We have a team of expert professionals who are skilled in the field of maintaining commercial properties. We provide maintenance services for office, hospital, hotel, warehouse, IT park, residential and commercial buildings. We have worked with many reputed clients and currently managing some of the famous properties like International Tech Park (ITPL) in Bangalore. Our services include building maintenance, water body maintenance, building renovation and interior work. 

Currently, we provide our services in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Benefits of using our services


Complete Transparency

Photos and Videos of your properties will be shared immediately on your demand for inspection



Pay for only the services you choose for your property. No need to buy the whole package.​


Building Inspection

Your property will be regularly inspected to ensure that your building is in perfect condition

Our Services

Annual Building Maintenance services


  • We provide day-to-day services like plumbing work, water pipe leakage repair, electrical work, etc are provided to ensure the proper functioning of the building. 

  • Work like whitewashing, distempering, painting, tile repair, carpentry, floor polishing etc is carried out periodically to maintain the aesthetics of the building.

  • Buildings are inspected periodically to identify deterioration.

  • Immediate repair work in case deterioration is detected.

Water body maintenance

Our services will include:-

  • Daily inspection of pool/water-bodies

  • Regular visit by chemical engineer for testing the water

  • Providing chemicals to keep the pool water clean

  • Maintenance of all pool equipment like filtration system, pumps, heating system,etc

  • Repair work for both swimming pools and fountain.

Building Renovation

We can help you renovate or restore a property to meet your needs. Our in-house team compromises of highly experienced carpenters, painters, plumber, electrician, architect and engineers. So you can be assured of a high-quality job done by professionals.

Interior Work

We also plan and execute the design in the provided space effectively for increasing the aesthetics of the living or the working area.
Interior designing can be taken up either during the initial planning stage of a project or while re-modelling an existing structure.

Commercial painting feature image.jpg

Painting services

We offer a wide range of painting services that comfortably fit your budget.

Plumbing feature image.jpg

Plumbing service

We offer installation, repair & emergency services for all type of properties.


Stone Piching

Used in steep slopes inorder to deal with specfic problems

Electrical feature image.jpg

Electrical services

We provide both residential as well as commercial service

Paver road.jpg

Paver block road

We can customise the paver block for any design, colour or shapes of your choice

Tile laying.jpg

Tile Laying services

Transform your wall and floor

Wall fencing.jpg

Fencing work

Fence your property without any hassle

Our Clients

Contact us to keep your property more valuable with time

Call us: 9159068893

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