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Beautify your Home interiors

Home interior design service

We have a team of experienced designers who have decades of experience in beautifying interior space. They can make your space functional through the use of furniture placement, colour palettes, decorations, and functional decor. We always come up with the best design based on your preference and budget. We can even design interiors based on the science of Vastu Shastra. We have a professional consultant for this specific purpose.

Currently, our services are available in South India.

Why choose us?

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Personalized design based on your budget

Whatever your budget might be, we will always come up with the best design that will reflect your personality.


Design based on Vastu

If you believe in this ancient science, then we will ensure that your interior design meets all the guidelines of Vastu Shastra.

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3D modeling

We will ensure that you will get a full idea on how your interior will look.

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Dedicated project manager

We will assign a manager who will ensure that your interior work is done on time and within your budget.

Our services

Living room design 

The objective of the room can be for hosting parties or for your kids to play, whatever the goal is for your living room. We will ensure that your living room is designed based on your requirement.
Home decor placement, lighting selection, artwork for wall, indoor plants, wall paint colour & texture will be chosen & placed accordingly. We will always ensure that at least 20% space is empty after finishing the placement so that your room does not look congested.

Bedroom design

The most important part of the bedroom is your bed. We will first help you choose a bed on which you can have a sound sleep.  Once you select the bed, we will design & arrange the rest of the thing like:-The bed frame, wardrobe, door window design, colour scheme lightning etc.

Kitchen design

We plan & design the layout considering the specification of the prime user who will spend the most time at the kitchen. We will interview the prime user, understand their working pattern in the kitchen. We will ensure that product placements are done in a way that it will be easier to use the kitchen while cooking.

Bathroom design

The bathroom is a very personal space. We ensure that the design reflects the need of its users. If you have children, we take special precautions while implementing the plan to ensure that you and your kids can have excellent safe bath time.

Kids Room design

We design a place for kids that's fabulous and made to grow with them.  We will interview your child and based on his/her ideas; we will create the concept design. We ensure that your child is part of our team so that they will also learn creative and decision-making skills.

Contact us to consult with our designers

Home interior quote

Some of our best work

Prakash Residence,Coimbatore

- Duplex house, 3000 sft. BUA

Mr Senthil residence,Avinashi

- Duplex house

Mr Vivek residence

- Duplex house

Mr Sudharshan residence

- Duplex house

In-House project, Coimbatore

-Villa residence, 4800 sft BUA

Revathi residence, Keerapakkam

- Duplex house

Mr Balasubramanium residence

- Duplex house

Mr Vidhya Anand

- Duplex house

Gowthaman residence, Coimbatore

- Duplex house, 4500 sft. BUA

Anand Kumar residence, Selaiyur, Chennai

- Duplex house

Mr Kamalakannan residence

- Duplex house

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