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Extend your property life

Home maintenance services

We provide subscription-based annual maintenance service for residential properties. We inspect & repair your property periodically to preserve the value of your home and extend its life. We identify all the small issues in your property and fix it before it's too late. Hence saving you tons of money in the future. Our subscription rate starts at Rs 1250 per month (cost will vary based on no of rooms, size and age of property). 
Currently, we are providing our services in Bangalore. 

Benefits of using our services

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Preventive maintenance

Your property will be regularly inspected to identify the deterioration in the building and then repair work is suggested. Every month report will be shared regarding your property condition.


Custom plans

Pay for only the services you choose for your property. We provide customize solution to our clients based on their specific requirement.


Emergency services

In case some problem came up which requires immediate repair, we will send our professionals ASAP.

Our Services

Building Inspection

  • Inspect condition of floor, ceiling, wall & paints to find signs of deterioration.

  • Check for signs of leaks & cracks in the wall or ceilings.

  • Examine the fire alarm system & firefighting equipment (Expiration dates / used)

  • Servicing of doors, hinges & Locks

  • Check & replace damaged light bulbs

  • Check Window Glass & screens

  • Check for evidence of insect infestation

  • Inspect the condition of all railings

  • Check for plants growing on the building or its foundation

  • Replacement Installation of single fixture (ceiling fan, light fixtures, faucet etc)

  • Inspect furniture components

  • Check Sump pump

  • Painting

Electrical Inspection

  • Inspection/repairing of Electrical Sockets & Switches.

  • Checking wire connection

  • Bulb and Lights replacement

  • Inspection/repairing of water heater

  • Ceiling Fans/Cooler/AC inspection & repair

  • Exhaust fan inspection/repairing.

  • Kitchen hood inspection/repair

  • Examine the fire alarm system

  • Inspection of refregirator

  • Inspection of AC


  • Inspect & repair tub, sink, shower, counter caulking

  • Inspect & repair grout in showers

  • Inspect & clean drains

  • Inspect & clean faucet aerators

  • Inspect & repair toilets

  • Wash Basin Mixer repair

  • Inspect & clean drains

  • Deep cleaning

Cleaning services

  • Cleaning the house including bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, and bedrooms

  • Patio & Walkway Powerwash

  • Deck Powerwash

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Chimney Cleaning

  • Window Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Car cleaning

Landscape Mainteance

  • Grass cutting in lawn

  • Periodic weeding of flower beds

  • Check the water sprinkler system

  • Mulching

  • Shrub Trimming & Tree Pruning

Water body maintenance

Our services will include:-

  • Inspection of pool/water-bodies

  • Regular visit by chemical engineer for testing the water

  • Providing chemicals to keep the pool water clean

  • Maintenance of all pool equipment like filtration system, pumps, heating system,etc

  • Repair work for both swimming pools and fountain.

Contact us to get free inspection for your property

Call us: 9159068893

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