Interior Design Costs for homes in Tamil Nadu

Bid farewell to the days of white-washed rooms and random cabinets, with interior decoration and design roaring into vogue. Everyone wants the house to resemble the pictures of rooms in the magazines. If you are stressing out over the costs, then quit worrying right now and do some math instead. Interior designers only concern themselves with the design of the house. But some designers help in choosing the furniture for you and supervising the decor as well. If you are seeking to sit back and relax, then get in touch with the designer who takes care of everything. Supervise the procurement of the decor and furniture, monitoring the carpentry work for the different rooms, installation of wardrobes to providing for the flooring, false ceiling, painting, et al. It is recommended that you go for the services of that interior designer who looks into every aspect of design and decoration of your house. The charges will automatically vary, of course, and here’s how.


The interior designers do not always charge you with a lump sum amount but estimate the costs by considering the following factors:-


Square feet (sqft) of the rooms: The interior decorator charges between Rs 50 to Rs 500 for every sqft of the rooms of the house. However, if the carpentry work and products are included like soft furnishings, wardrobes and modular kitchen, ceiling, and flooring, then the price can become around 2k or 3k per sqft


Percentage of the entire cost: The designer makes an estimation of the whole project inclusive of services and products to procure the total cost. They charge about 6-15% of the total cost as a design fee.


Markup or premium on the products: The interior designer charges each product with a premium amount that varies from one project to another.


A lump sum amount: This amount is the interior designer’s discretion. This charge is also called the designer’s fee.


On top of all this, there are a few additional charges.


Charge for site visit: The first three or four site visits might be included in the total charge, but any more than that may cost about 1500 rupees approximately for every visit.


Charge for an iteration: If you ask the designer to make multiple changes, then after the third or fourth iteration, every replacement will be chargeable.


Cost for only design: If you want only ideas of designing and not any actual service, then the interior designer will charge about 20k-50k for placement for furniture and decor suggestions. For a 3D view of the final decor, you will have to bear around 75k to 1 lakh or more.

Cost of site supervision: If you want every installation of furniture and every other task to be constantly supervised by the interior designer, then that will be chargeable too.

Here is what overall interior design cost will look like for your house:-

Breaking down the charging factor of interior decoration based on room type

Interior design and decoration of the living room

The living room is the abode of unwinding and relaxation. It is the largest room that consumes the greatest portion of your budget. The living room charges depend on the area and furniture, which include a sofa, tables, carpets, lamps, drapery, mirror, accent pieces of decor, and more.

Interior design and decoration of the bedroom

If you want to make a little saving, then here’s your chance. A simple dresser, rug, nightstand, and of course, a plush bed can set your room. Play a little with the lighting, and you will be amazed. The cost depends on the number of furniture items which need not be too many in the bedroom.

Interior design and decoration of the kitchen

The cost will depend upon the following factors:-

  • Material/ Quality of products i.e quality of wood, tiles, etc
  • Area – More the are higher will be the price based on per sqft
  • Type of kitchen – Fully modular or semi modular

Other charges includes paying for plumbing, electrical work, kitchen appliances, lighting, and furniture.

The modular kitchen will cost you from 1 Lakh to 5 lakh or more based on the above factors

Important suggestion

Safety comes first for the kitchen, and so a fire extinguisher is an excellent addition. Ask the interior decorator where to install one so that it does not stick out like an eyesore and yet stays handy.

Interior design and decoration of the bathroom

The cost will depend upon quality/brand of tiles,bathtubs, showers, cabinets, toilets, faucets lights, steam showers , fans and other accessories you choose. Apart from these you have to pay charges for electricity work and plumbing work.

It will cost you between 10 k to 1 lakh or more based on your choice.

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