property maintenance

Property maintenance


We are one of the fastest property maintenance companies in South India. We have a team of expert professionals who are skilled in the field of maintaining commercial properties. We provide maintenance services for office, hospital, hotel, warehouse, IT park, residential and commercial buildings. We have worked with many reputed clients and currently managing some of the famous properties like International Tech Park (ITPL) in Bangalore. Our services include building maintenance, water body maintenance, building renovation and interior work.

Currently, Olive Lifestyles Construction Co provide our services in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.


Annual Building Maintenance services

Year-round building maintenance for lasting performance and peace of mind.
  1. We provide day-to-day services like plumbing work, water pipe leakage repair, electrical work, etc are provided to ensure the proper functioning of the building.
  2. Work like whitewashing, distempering, painting, tile repair, carpentry, floor polishing etc is carried out periodically to maintain the aesthetics of the building.
  3. Buildings are inspected periodically to identify deterioration.
  4. Immediate repair work in case deterioration is detected.


Custom made kitchens

We offer installation, repair and emergency services for both residential and commercial properties. Whether it’s a small or big issue, we are always available on the emergency basis. You can just call us to reach us out.


Efficient and safe electrical services for all your needs.

We offer new construction electrical services, electrical improvement and repair services for both residential and commercial properties.

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