Teak Woodwork

Teak Woodwork in House Construction

Woodwork adds value, beauty, and natural elegance to home interiors. Its warmth and timeless appeal have been celebrated for centuries. Among the array of wood options, teak wood remains a preferred choice for its supreme quality and durability, especially in cities like Chennai, where traditional and modern designs converge.

We specialise in traditional and modern teak woodwork for doors, windows, and partitions. Before delving into the details, let’s explore more about teak wood and its applications, particularly how it’s being innovatively used in Chennai’s vibrant home design scene.

Teakwood is a valuable timber from a tropical hardwood deciduous tree called Teak. It is indigenous to South and Southeast Asia, regions proximate to Chennai, making it a culturally and geographically relevant material. It is famous for its distinctive colour, dense grain texture, and durability.

In Chennai, teak wood’s rich warm tone and distinct texture make any space appealing and inviting. It can be used for custom-made furniture and fixtures, doors and windows, flooring, and panelling. Its dense structure makes it easier to carve detailed designs and patterns, a feature highly valued in Chennai’s rich architectural heritage. Well-seasoned older teak is preferred for woodwork as it is strong and can withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy loads, a crucial factor in Chennai’s varied climate.

High amounts of oil in its matrix give it a natural sheen, so it only needs regular cleaning and occasional polishing. It is resistant to decay, pests, and moisture. If preserved and maintained well, teakwood is imperishable.

At OLS, we source the best quality teakwood from suppliers/plantations during the pre-planning stage of our projects in Chennai. The processed logs are then sent to our artisan collaborators for woodworking in the form of blanks and boards.

Chettinad woodwork

Chettinad style of architecture is renowned for its unique and intricate traditional carvings and motifs.

Whether it’s doors, door frames, pillars, ceilings, or furniture, the ornate designs blend heritage and mastery in woodcraft.

We collaborate with the finest craftspersons in Karaikudi to create elaborate traditional and antique designs.

Our signature antique design includes the grand main door and pooja room door designs.

Modern designs

We specialise in modern designs that blend teak wood and glass for doors, windows, staircases and partition walls.

The harmony of teak wood and glass panels in sliding doors, fixed windows, and staircase railings introduce sleek, contemporary aesthetics to a space. It enhances the sense of a well-lit, open and spacious ambience.

Staircases with teak wood treads and glass railings exude a minimalist sophistication, allowing visual connectivity within the interiors.

Our artisans work on-site to create custom frames and shutters for the design.