3 types of swimming pool & cost of building them in India

There are three major types of the inground swimming pool available in India right now: –
  1. Gunite Pools
  2. Fibreglass
  3. Vinyl Pool
Gunite Pools
It is one of the oldest and popular pool building method in the world. It’s a stable concrete structure typical build to last for a longer time. The average cost of building such a pool along with water filtration system is Rs 1400-3500 per square feet of the floor area. The price will vary based on size, features and accessories you choose to have for your pool.
For a small pool (24ft x12ft) for your backyard, it will cost around Rs 10-16 Lakh. As the size of the pool increases cost per square feet will also decrease.
How is it prepared?

The site is dug to remove all the unwanted rock and materials to ensure the surface is smooth enough to build the pool. Then the steel shell placed which forms the base of the entire pool and also plumbing work is done. This shell will be shooted with a concrete mixture that will give the pool a definite shape. At the end finishing of the surface is done to give it a beautiful look. It typically takes 2 to 4 month to build depending on the size of the pool.

  • It can be made in many shapes, sizes and depth. There are unlimited design possibilities.
  • Easy to renovate, you can change the tiles, add new water features whenever you want. This is not possible with fibreglass and vinyl inner pools.
  • Takes time to install. Typically takes 3 to 5 months.
  • Costlier than fibreglass and vinyl pool.


Plaster Pool Finishes
It is a mixture of sand, cement, marble and water. It is applied throughout the surface of the pool. Though it is white, it can be dyed into any colour. It usually lasts for 5-10 years.
Paint pool Finishes
It can give you a gorgeous, long-lasting finish. Every time you clean your pool, it will make your pool look new again. The only drawback to it is that you need to repaint it every 3-4 years.
Aggregate Pool Finishes
It is a new kind of plaster which is a mixture of white or coloured plaster and some pieces of quartz, granite, river stones, or glass beads. It is more durable than regular plaster. Typically lasts for 12-20 years.
Tile Pool finishes
It’s quite expensive and takes time to install. Sill it is considered to be one of the best finishes. It gives your pool a unique look, mood, and beauty to a pools-cape. It is also more durable than plaster and aggregate finishes. The average cost of tile installation is Rs 50-250 per square feet.
Quartz Pool finishes
It gives your pool a beautiful look, especially during sunny days. When the quartz catches the light, it makes the bottom of the pool reflective and hence provides an elegant look to the pool.
Glass Beading
Just like quartz, it gives a shiny look to your pool and highly durable. It comes in a variety of colour.
Accessories & enhancement
Water Filtration system
This system helps to keep your pool clean. The water pump sucks water from the pool and push it through the filter and then returns the clean water through the jet. The skimmer consists of the plastic box which ensures that debris floating in the pool does not enter the pump.
The average price of installing a filtration plant is between Rs 50,000 to Rs 3 Lakh depending on the size of the pool.
Pool Features & Accessories you can have for your pool
Fountains –  50,000 – ₹2,50,000
Wall spring –   ₹10,000- ₹50,000
Modern Canopy & Pergolas- ₹1500-₹2500 square meter
Built-in barstools – ₹10,000-₹20,000
Rain shower – ₹50,000-₹2,00,000
Relaxing Pool chair – ₹5,000-₹40,000 per piece
Stainless Steel Ladders – ₹10,000-₹25,000 per ladder
Pool Covers  ₹600-₹2000 per square meter
Rollers (Manual) – ₹75000 per set
Jacuzzi Jets- ₹1100-₹2000
Floor Bubbler  ₹15,000-₹50,000
Ozone System ₹50,000-₹2,00,000
Pool surface design (mural)- ₹3,000-₹10,000 per meter square
Exotic Gazebo, Cannabis, & Patios
Tanning Ledges
Ground Hot Tub
Deck Jets
Natural Waterfall
Sheer waterfall
Fiberglass pool or Ready-made pool
It is a ready-made shell which comes in various shape and sizes has high durability. It is manufactured with steps and benches already in place. Once the site is dug, plumbing work is done. Then sand is laid in the dug-up area to lay down the shell. The shell comes in different shapes and sizes. The shell usually has steps built inside the pool. Installing such pools takes 2-4 days to complete.
The average cost of a Fiberglass pool is Rs 2000-3500 per square feet depending on the size of the pool.
For a fiberglass pool of (24ft x12ft) for your backyard, it will cost around Rs 7 lakh -10 Lakh. The price may dramatically increase in case the pool manufacturer plant is far from your site.
  • It never needs resurfacing. It’s resistant to algae growth, which equates to easy vacuuming and cleaning.
  • Most manufacturers have Limited shapes and sizes for this kind of pool. No wider than 16 ft. Fibreglass pools are usually transported by road. Anything more than 16 feet would be difficult to transport. Thus if you planning to have a large pool then this may not be suitable for you.


Accessories & enhancement for Fiberglass.
You cannot have any features installed in the pool later on. You have to add the feature before the shell is moulded. Features that can be preinstalled before the shell is formed:
  • JacuzziPool colour
  • StepsJacuzzi jets
  • Pool ladder
  • Sidebars
  • Countercurrent system
  • Extra lights
  • ozone/UV system
  • Heating system
  • Water fountain
Here are some of the features you can add later on around the pool:-
  • A water fountain or falls,
  • Exotic Gazebo,
  • Cannabis, & Patios
  • Modern Canopy & Pergolas
  • Tanning Ledges
  • Ground Hot Tub
Vinyl Liner Pool
They are built up from an excavated hole using concrete or a metallic supporting structure over which vinyl-liner sheet is installed. It takes around 2 weeks to install such pools. It can also be used for the above ground pool. The average cost of installing the vinyl pool Liner pool is Rs 1200-3500 per square feet depending on the quality or thickness of the sheet. The sheet usually lasts for 5-10 years.
For a Vinyl pool of (24ft x12ft) for your backyard, it will cost around Rs 6 lakh -10 Lakh.
  • Less expensive than gunite and fiberglass pool
  • In case of damage Liner Repair & replacement is very easy, typically takes a day or two to fix it.
  • You have to be careful with the pool liner. Sharp objects, pets or furniture falling in the pool can damage the liner.

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