7 things to consider before choosing a property maintenance company

Building or buying a property is one form of investment. The price of property typically increases with time. But also as time passes building starts deteriorating with time. To keep the value of your property high in the market, it is essential that the building is inspected and repaired regularly. Thus property maintenance companies are hired to maintain the property. There are many players in the market. It could be confusing sometimes to choose one.

So here are we listing some of the criteria you should consider before hiring a property maintenance company:-

Types of services

Check if the company provide the following services:-

  • Building inspection
  • Building repair and Renovation work
  • Painting work
  • Tile repair
  • Plumbing work
  • Swimming pool/ Fountain maintenance
  • Electrical Work
  • Interior Work

You may not need all the above services, but you might need it in the future. For example, let’s say you decided later on to build a swimming pool or a fountain for your property then you may need maintenance services for it. So you better hire a property maintenance company that provides all the above functions.

Companies Portfolio

Look at the type of clients the company has worked for, see if their clients are well known. Working with well know clients indicates that they have experience in handling some prominent properties.


A company that has long experience in the industry are typically extremely well-versed in property maintenance. Look for companies that have at least 5 years of experience in this domain.


Always check for online reviews when you select a company. See if the company respond to the customer queries, especially the negative reviews. If a company responds to the customer feedback and tries to fix it, then it is a good sign.

In case there are not enough reviews online later try to contact the clients, the company claimed to have worked with ask for the feedback regarding their services.

Emergency services

Sometimes you need immediate services for things like water leakage repair, power failure, drain overflow etc. Ask the company how soon they can visit to fix the problem and how much extra they charge for it.

Strength of the staff

Check how many employees they have. It is better if there is one point of contact with the company. Ask them if they can assign one property manager to look after their property.

Terms of contract

Here are some essential factors to consider in the agreement:-

Building inspection – Check how often they will inspect the property

Repair work – See what repair works are included in the package.

Emergency services – Check how soon they will respond.

Pricing- Check the cost of each service.